Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Local Businesses, Don’t get Knocked out of the Game by Poor Planning

“Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face.”
― Mike Tyson

Do you have a plan for your business’s growth or are you winging it day by day? While living spontaneously might be fun on a personal level, it doesn’t bode well for the level of stress one will endure when a lack of planning rears its ugly head.

I lived across the street from a very popular gym that has since moved to a larger, fancier location. It has been replaced by a new gym. It was very hard to park on our street because the old gym had an abundance of patrons and the new gym hardly ever has cars parked in its own parking lot let alone the street. What are the differences in the two gyms? Here are a few key differences.

  •         Advertised to the community and neighboring businesses
  •         Gave special discounts to first time clients
  •         Had clear, visible signage outside of the building 
  •         Informative website which furnished pertinent information; company, classes, pricing packages and testimonials

  •         No community advertising
  •         No special pricing to try out the gym
  •         They do have clear signage however, with no activity, they appear to be closed during normal business hours
  •         No website

A business cannot survive on slow or no business so you must be aggressive in building a strategy to reach your target market. It is important for every business to first know its target market. No two businesses are alike so your approach must represent your potential customers. Below are tips to help neighborhood businesses grow their visibility.

TIP #1
Set up your website so that those that are interested can familiarize themselves with your business.

TIP #2
Sign up for a LocalTabs, Facebook, Twitter, FourSquare, Yelp and CitySearch accounts. Set up a business account on Facebook and suggest to your friends and people that you encounter that they "Like" your account.

TIP #3
Join the area Chamber of Commerce or community organizations and become active in your community.

TIP #4
Create flyers and disperse throughout the neighborhood with specials. This would be a great time to advertise your grand opening.

TIP #5

Throw a festive grand opening open and create an inviting environment from the street that says , WE ARE OPEN FOR BUSINESS and we want you to visit us. 


The Gift Girl

Dana Hali moved to Los Angeles in 1999 from Houston, Texas to pursue a career in writing and eventually landed an internship at the Steve Harvey show.  During the holiday, Dana devised a plan to sell gifts to the cast and crew of the show.  Eventually she saved enough money to focus full time on her dream and formed her company now known as GiftsCetera, gained clients such as BET Networks, Universal Music Group, Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutica, American Federation of Television and Radio Artist (AFTRA). Due to demand Dana later formed a second company. CeteraMarketing is a marketing company which strictly caters to corporate clients requiring promotional products, service award programs, e-stores, fulfillment and marketing material. CeteraMarketing has now added Verizon, Kaiser Permanente, Caesars Entertainment, Toyota, Southern California Edison, San Diego Gas and Electric, Southern California Gas, AEG, Metropolitan Water and many others to its roster.   

Armed with a marketing degree from Texas Southern University, Dana and her team offer a top-notch professional approach to their clients and are marketing specialists with a knack for matching unique gifts/promotional products for every occasion with the right consumers.

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