Friday, March 28, 2014

3 Online Business Opportunities for Entrepreneurial Writers

Opportunities for business and channels for connecting with others is more abundant than ever because of the Internet and technology. Anyone with a burning passion and big dreams can turn to the virtual world for embarking on a business vision. Writers with a passion for wellness or dreams of running a startup can channel their entrepreneurial energies into any of the following business opportunities:

Health & Wellness Coach

Share your passion for a healthy and positive lifestyle by turning a website (and social media platforms) into a digital space of wellness coaching. Even if you're not a registered dietitian or personal trainer, you can offer inspiration and share stories, as well as provide ideas for nutrition and fitness advice. Use your personality and creative writing style to give your online wellness brand a unique and catchy voice. David "Yeah Dave" Romanelli is a self-proclaimed "momenteer" who empowers people to value the present moment. Through social media content, 1 on 1 coaching, retreats, speaking events, and books, Yeah Dave! motivates others to celebrate life and find the best versions of themselves.
Kris Carr is another wellness activist and New York Times best-selling author who serves up wellness insight and recipes on her blog and website. Also a "cancer thriver," Carr exudes an ebullient energy as she spearheads her Crazy Sexy Wellness revolution by offering a weekly manifesto, freebies, chances to win giveaways, and a community of like-minded ambassadors.

Specialized Online Retailer

Do you have a great vision for a T-shirt brand? Do you dream of turning your collection of homemade jewelry pieces into an accessories boutique? Embrace your creative entrepreneurial side and create a retail brand that sells unique specialized products. Before diving head first into an online startup venture, strategize about your brand and the theme of your products. Determine how your brand will connect with audiences. Then boost your brand and market your products by honing in on your writing skills and building a blog. For example, yoga-inspired clothing retailer Spiritual Gangster promotes the yogi lifestyle and high-vibration living with blog posts that feature a pose of the day, and a profile of a yoga studio.
Phoenix local Nicholas Polando also used online retail as the basis of his business and started the printed line State Forty Eight with his brother and friend. Inspired by Arizona sports, the clothing retail line shows off Arizona pride and has evolved into about 75 items in unlimited color combinations. Along with securing a digital retail space, State Forty Eight's goals include opening a small boutique store. Establishing a boutique, mobile storefront, or venue at events while offering merchant services can turn your retail startup into a burgeoning business.

eBook Author

Creative writer-types are not only open books, they usually want to their story published for real. From humorous, self-deprecating memoirs to fantastical fictional tales, ideas for story telling consume the mind of a writer. The eBook genre provides an accessible way for writers to self-publish and market their book. Rather than relying on a publishing company to publish and sell your work, you can distribute and promote your eBook on your own. Especially if you're knowledgeable on a specific subject matter, such as cooking or real estate, you should take advantage of self-publication and share your expertise with the public as an eBook.
Steve Aitchison, successful personal-development eBooks author of "Mind Alchemy: Unlocking The Power Of Your Mind" and "Lucid Dreaming: Living In Your Dreams," advises writers to focus on their audience. In an email to subscribers or social media post, ask your readers about their interests and what they want to read. Aitchison adds that an eBook needs a professional-looking presentation, from a captivating cover design to an eye-catching title. Also, invest in a proofreader, as an unclean eBook reflects poorly on your credibility and authority.

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