Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Diversifying Your Success with Heather Cox

Ask Heather - Choosing the Right Events to AttendQ: What events make the most sense for me to be at?

A: Choosing events to attend can be daunting. You could probably attend a diversity event almost every week of the year, but this does not seem like an efficient use of money or time. Creating a strategic outline of your companys diversity imitative will help identify which events will be most effective for you and your company. Here are a few methods we find helpful in creating your event strategy:

1.Clearly understand your target clientele, your geographical reach, as well as your budgetary allowance.

2.If you sell to the Fortune 1000 community, or are on the cusp of selling to the Fortune 1000 community, most of the National Conferences for WBENC, NMSDC and/or NGLCC are fantastic options.

3.Each region of the aforementioned organizations have regional programming. These events are great for everyone, whether you sell to the Fortune 1000, their prime suppliers, government agencies or other diverse businesses. They are usually very cost effective and less time intensive than the national events.

4.Know the events your clients, or target clients attend. This information can be available on their supplier diversity websites and once you create a relationship, the companies themselves might just share that information with you.

5.Industry events. While Diversity events are a great way to meet supplier diversity mangers, and occasionally commodity buyers, do not overlook your specific industry events. Most likely this is where you will meet the decision makers for your specific product or service, then you can let your friendly supplier diversity manager who you met allowing them to act as your internal advocate. Knowing two (or three or five) people within a company is better than only knowing one.


Heather Cox is Co-founder and COO of Certify My Company, a diversity consultancy. Certify My Company was born with the goal of inspiring and helping diverse businesses grow while having more fun and time doing it. 

Certify My Company provides help to business owners by getting their qualified businesses nationally certified, linking them with large corporations and each other to increase revenue, connecting them to events and sharing expert knowledge and motivation. 

Additionally, Certify My Company is the comprehensive resource for Corporate Diversity Managers to grow and reach their diversity goals. Heather and her team are in a unique position offering the opportunity to liaise between the corporations and their diversity vendors.

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