Friday, August 30, 2013

3 Ways to Find Top-Notch Employee Talent

Just like employees should always on the lookout for a new job, employers should always be on the lookout for new talent. A CareerBuilder study says 74 percent of working folks have their job search antenna constantly turned on, and 35 percent admit to searching for a job within weeks of starting a new one. Stay tuned in to the job-seeking market and look for new employee talent by mimicking job-hunting strategies.

Act on Social Media

Social media profiles are gold mines for the job seekers, and employers can make them just as equally gilded. BusinessInsider suggests marketing your job opportunities and recruitment efforts the same way you would draw consumers to your products and services. Observe the active members of your online communities to gauge who is following you and who has a real investment in your company. Rev up your content sharing by consistently posting new information, building your network relationships and keeping your company profile stocked with the latest recruitment and employment needs.

Fill a Brimming Talent Pool

Even if you end up with 53 job applicants for an open position, don’t quickly delete 52 of those resumes. Establish and maintain what InformationWeek calls a “talent pool” where you keep tabs on the candidates who impress you the most and retain them within easy reach for future opportunities. "The idea is 'always be recruiting,'" IT recruiter Paul DeBettignies told InformationWeek. This type of move can be especially vital for a small, yet growing business that may need new employees in a flash.
Start filling your pool by adopting a recruiting platform, such as JobVite, which can help you target attractive talent. The subscription-based platform includes features like an automated talent search that alerts you about qualified candidates from any site. Using social recruiting tools, you can broadcast and promote your job announcements.

Go Where Good Candidates Go

Posting fliers throughout town or blasting job advertisements on every job site may seem like a cheap and easy move, but then expect cheap and easy-to-fire results. Narrow your pool and find a large cache of viable candidates in specific online communities. Post openings to a careers section on your website, and aim your recruiting tactics at sites that produce a steady flow of online applications for jobs, such as The site serves online applications for hundreds of entry-level positions and can affordably fit within your recruiting budget. Automated platforms and tools will improve your employee search, but never neglect the time taken to review and commit to only the best for your company needs. A hasty employment search and haphazard interview process will likely yield negative results and only cost your company time and money.


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