Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Is the Gen Xer Lost in Marketing Translation? No ... No, No They're Not

by Sonia Martinez 

They're the MTV and the Internet generation. The "latchkey" kids. The "lost" generation. But the X is far from lost in the 21st century. They're happy to sit snugly between two very different generations. On one side are the baby boomers who are aware that living healthier keeps them young and thank goodness considering they command 70 percent of the nation's spending power, reports On the other, the Y generation, who know nothing of a world without technology. They typically use social media and crowdsourcing as their means of making decisions.


Know the X

To market to them, you must know them. Generation X is made up of adults who were babies in the late sixties and early seventies. They witnessed the introduction of the home computer and the Internet. As kids, they often came home from school to empty houses and their favorite babysitter was MTV. With both parents working or divorced, they often had to grow up on their own, and fast. The line that defines this generation has been hazy in the past, so marketers tend to overlook them. Stop the madness!
The X Generation isn't stuck in the middle. They're stronger than ever. Here's how to capture them.


Cross-Channel Marketing

To get people to trust your brand and buy into what you're selling, it's important to center your approach around creating an "experience." Adopt new technologies and trends. Expand your outreach to include online, in stores, mobile and social platforms. Cross-channel marketing isn't just appreciated it's expected. Tailoring your campaigns to fit a certain demographic will get your voice heard and your brand recognized.
Email: Great for targeting an audience and then tracking them with situation analysis through JangoMail. Email campaigning can inexpensively reach users across the globe. The ability to gather feedback, which this generation loves to give, is also a plus.
Mobile: Information is available anytime and anywhere. Are we slowly losing our patience? Probably. It's more important than ever to get your brand mobile.
Social: While the Gen Xers aren't as prone to crowdsourcing as their younger brothers and sisters, they'll share an honest opinion on social networks. Through websites like Yelp and TripAdvisor, they're getting their once suppressed voices heard, finally.
Print: The personal experience doesn't stop at involving them on the web. The tangible is important to Xers, too. But do it environmentally responsible and inexpensive. They will appreciate you printing business cards for less and to have that tangible collateral to file away in their wallet.



Get on Board: In "The State of Mobile America," a project done by the Pew Research Center, it was found that 53 percent (and rising) of generation X own a smartphone.
They're more private: Only 22 percent of smartphone owners will share their locations with retailers, according to
Get mobile: The Pew Research Center reports that 40 percent of Gen Xers download mobile apps.
Earn their trust: Creating personalized experiences and loyalty programs can help build that credence your small business needs.
They're an educated bunch: A customer relations management website ( reports that 79 percent of Gen X women were employed in 2012 at this time as found in "The State of Consumers and Technology: Benchmark 2011" by Forrester.
Get good reviews: Gen Xers tend to do research online when shopping, so advertise on search engines and increase visibility on opinion websites like Yelp and Facebook.

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