Wednesday, February 20, 2013

3 Steps to Being an Email Marketing Rockstar

by Patrick Allmond

Have you been to a social media conference recently? One of the things that you will hear over and over is how email marketing is dead. The experts are telling everybody that social media is the perfect marketing platform, and that it will take over all marketing in the world. When you hear this you should be secretly smiling. This is a golden opportunity for you to zig while everybody else is zagging.

While everybody else is running away from email marketing, you can secretly start using it to build your company tribe. Email marketing done right is a marketing goldmine. It allows you to have 100% of the reader's attention, and done right you can get subscribers to do whatever you want them to do. ONe of the constant challenges with social media is that it is constantly refreshing and changing what people are looking at - right while they are looking at it. When someone has an email open that is usually the only thing they are reading. Add in a CTA (call-to-action) and you have a marketer's dream.

Traditional email marketing has consisted of begging people to sign up for your newsletter. If you are doing this then you need to stop immediately. The email marketing professional knows that this approach rarely works. Consumers don’t want to hear about your company picnic, or your latest product, or even about your new headquarters. They want to hear about the things that are going to help THEM. It is human nature for us to be selfish. If you start using email as a way to solve your consumer’s business or personal challenges, then they are more likely to read and act on what you send. The challenge is figuring out what your prospect’s pain points when they are at your website.

Here is how you set up your email marketing the right way:

Step One - Draw Out Your Nurturing Plan

Start thinking of your email funnel like your think of your marketing funnel. It should not just be one email newsletter that goes to your list. It should be a pre-defined email series that you can use over time to peak the interest of your prospect. Since most people don’t buy or show much interest on the initial contact, you have to find a way to slowly nurture them to a decision. Come up with an irresistible title of your email series like “The top 5 ways you can save money doing X” or “The top 10 mistakes everybody makes when doing Y”. Decide how many emails (i.e. touch points) that you want your email marketing funnel to have. We recommend 5-10 emails, spaced about 3-5 days apart. You then need to sit down with your word processor and write the content of each email. Each one should be written around a problem that your prospect might have and what you can do to solve it. Each email will also have a “call-to-action” i.e. a link to one of your products. Never link a visitor to your home page. Always take your prospect to a specific page with a specific solution.

Step Two - Translate Your Plan Into the Online World

Shop online and find an email list management service to grow and manage your list of email subscribers. There are several on the market that work well (MailChimp, Constant Contact, Infusionsoft, etc). Each of these services allow you define your email series (from Step One) , and paste in the emails from your word processor. You’ll also have to set up how many days you want between emails. You’ll then have to get the email form code from the email service to put on your website. It is typically a form you see on the side of a website that says something like “Fill in your email address to get our top 10 tips to [do whatever]” along with a box to enter your email address. You should also gather the first name of the prospect so you can personalize the emails. Once this form is on your website you need to get visitors to your website using any means necessary. Social media and paid ads online are great ways to get people to your website.

Step Three - Measure and Convert Your Biggest Fans

In Step One do you remember how we said that each email with have a call-to-action in it? The reason for that is so you can measure who is interested in your product or service. Your email management program will show you detailed measurements about who is doing what in each email. The measurement you want to pay attention to is the “Click Rate” i.e. which prospects want more information. If you pay attention to the click rate you will start to notice which readers have a high level of interest in your products. When you see this pattern then that is marketing gold for you. Take the time to personally email the high interest prospects and offer to set up a phone appointment with them. If you set up your email series the way laid out above you will already know their first name and the products that interest them. If you’d like more information on how to be an internet business rockstar email Patrick today at, or call (888)-362-8719. You can also click here: and we'll be glad to email you a free copy of our workbook “How to Find Your Social Media Mojo”. We create internet rockstars. Want to be one?


About Patrick Allmond

Patrick Allmond is a 14 year business veteran at Focus Training (, an international online marketing company that is known for “Creating Rockstar Companies on the Internet”. He is also the on-air technology contributor at Fox and KSBI TV. His greatest joy is to teach others and is a seasoned speaker and trainer on the topics of technology and internet marketing. His regular podcast “StopDoingNothing – The Show for High Achievers” is listened by thousands and his YouTube 3in5 series (3 business tips in 5 minutes) is a hit with people that want to learn a new topic fast and get back to work. When not teaching or speaking he loves to fly or spend time with his family.

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