Thursday, September 13, 2012

MBE Magazine | Discover the Power of Social Media Marketing

By Alan Bryan

"Private self-contracted individuals, small businesses, and large corporations are benefiting beyond their wildest dreams in new social media marketing technologies of today. So why do some companies fail to make this profitable connection? There is a right way to market within the social media realm and then there is the "other way." Learn from the mistakes of the "other guys" and avoid those errors so you can be a successful social media marketing guru. 

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First Things First

Social media marketing must first build up followers to send information to. Marketing agents can certainly set up severalsocial media sites, but who is going to read about the company when no one is there. It is of utmost importance to build your audience first. Build your company through friends, family and casual friends, this is your company's foundation, word of mouth on social media will spread like wildfire adding more clients every day for your business.

Learn and Implement a New Marketing Skill

One mistake in social media marketing is tying old worn out marketing techniques into social media marketing and it does not work. When a marketing department sends out outdated advertisements, pitches in sales and tells consumers what and when to do something it does not work. They cannot address their client base in this manner and expect it to be successful.

Allow Your Clients to Make Their Own Decisions

There is more information than ever across the internet. The information is presented and consumers will make an informed decision regarding products and services. A responsible company will develop a working relationship with clients, new and old. Create interesting news about your company. Update information with engaging posts, and your audience will grow and profits will be seen. Social media allows businesses to connect with their clients, and it enhances communication. When this happens repeatedly it helps to build the business, and the best thing is, that it costs nothing.

Are you a Bore?

Don't become a marketing bore, by sending updates too often. This can soon become known as spam and social media sites frown upon this technique. In the long run it hurts everyone. Send out information, every few days, but keep it at a minimum, or your client base will soon toss you in the trash. Sending out updates every two weeks is just as harmful. Make updates interesting enough that will engage people's curiosity. Some businesses will send a few updates and then not send any for a few weeks, or bombard clients with senseless updates. This will just increase drop-off rates of your audience. Stay committed and focused.

Stay Committed

Lack of commitment, which involves hard work and patience is a reason a lot of companies don’t see the real benefits of social media. Businesses start out right, but give up because they haven’t seen any immediate, monetary results. It takes time, effort and thought to build up a large, targeted audience. It takes a lot of commitment.

Don't Throw in the Towel too Soon on Social Media Marketing

Successful businesses have a goal that incorporates a clear business plan, and a mission statement. It appears as though more businesses have turned to the social media area to market their services and products due to the immense client base they can easily build globally. This will bring in untold profits if carried out in the right manner. It does take time to see the positive aspects of social media marketing. If some businesses do not see results overnight they just give up. Develop plan or strategy for social media marketing."

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