Thursday, July 5, 2012

Women Entrepreneurship: It's time to get business smart

By Kavin Matthews

Anywhere you look, more and more women are turning over to business. Formerly, a woman's place was only in the kitchen, raising up her kids, and occasionally functioning as a secretary. However, time has changed, and women have finally made their place in the world. In the year 2010, something miraculous took place. For the very first time, the number of graduating women far surpassed their male counterparts, and women contributed more to the workforce than men. The Quiet Revolution of the 1970s witnessed women leave their domicile in favor of working outside the home. However, women today are opting to remain at home; not as housewives, but as job-making entrepreneurs.

In the last 20 years, women have been launching businesses at a much higher rate than men, and tend to go for home-based small businesses. By the end of 2018, women are expected to create more than 9.72 million small business jobs, and a majority of them are conducting this from home offices all over the nation. This is a surprising figure, particularly considering the fact that women-owned businesses merely produced 16 percent of the overall U.S. jobs available in the year 2010. The recession proved tough for a lot of small business owners and a majority of the women-held businesses still haven't recuperated to pre-recession sales. Nevertheless, they adjusted themselves to a new economy. One of the most popular policy adopted by women entrepreneurs was to control expenses in order to survive all through the recession period. In fact, there was an increase of 52 percent in the number of business women employing social media to develop business, while saving money on marketing expenses.

A few facts
A study conducted by the Center for Women's Business Research show that nearly 40 percent of business organizations are owned by women. Two of the swiftest growing classes of entrepreneurs are, young women and mothers. Although more and more women are launching their own businesses, a majority of them are doing it simply as a hobby and failing to extend their businesses at the same pace as their male counterparts. This is simply one of the several problems confronted by the women entrepreneurs of today. It's a fact that women crave for more opportunity and liberty than the corporate world offers. Women with kids initiate home-based businesses since they want the freedom of planning a work agenda that balances their family and work. However, in this constant struggle of seeking balance, women have to face a lot of challenges.

Striking a balance between life and work
One of the top challenges faced by any working woman is to strike a proper balance between work and family. In accordance with a recent study, nearly 85 percent of the world's women do the daily meal preparation, foodstuff shopping, and even washing and laundry. Managing your household and working as a full time businesswoman isn't an easy job. A woman can not only take care of her kids, do the laundry and clean the house, but also prove to the world that she can be a booming business entrepreneur. Jenny Johnson, CEO of a well branded organization says that women have high expectations from themselves, but they don't receive much appreciation from the world that they fundamentally lead two full-time lives.

No matter what the world says, the fact remains that women are much better multi-taskers than men. However, this doesn't stand for the statement that women are superior to men in each and every field of life. It's just that women are more skilled at executing things differently in the field of business, and anything unique should always be welcomed.

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