Friday, May 18, 2012

Homework Assignments That Win Government Contracts

WHEN IT COMES TO government contracting and the federal market place, the goal is simple one: to win all the government contracts that you after. After all, it is all about winning and improving your winning percentage. Start to focus on learning exactly how to minimize or even eliminate your competition. The smart companies do exactly this.

Here are some homework assignments that, when completed, will help you win more and more government contracts. Why will they enable you to win more government contracts? Because when completed, the information contained in these assignments will enable companies to obtain and apply actionable, multi-dimensional knowledge in order to enact timely decisions that support their government contracting activities. This capability is called situational awareness and allow companies to manage or make decisions about the federal market place as a whole rather than evaluating a decision in a narrow context.

For example, there is an opportunity on that appears to be right up your alley, literally perfect for you. But is it really? Do you have a prior relationship with the agency? The buyer? Is this a new contract? A re-compete? Do you know what companies will bid against you? What do you about these companies? Can you beat them? Do you know how to beat them?


1. Create an exhaustive list of all the agencies that buy what you sell.
2. Find out how much each of these agencies spends on your products or services.
3. Rank the agencies by total amount spent on your products or services.
4. Determine where the agency's buying centers (contracting offices) are located.
5. Determine who are the individuals (contracting officers, specialists, technical representatives, etc,) in these buying centers that are doing the actual buying.
6. Determine how much these individual buyers are buying during a government fiscal year. At one (1) time.
7. Determine how often these individual buyers are making purchases. Daily? Weekly? Monthly? Quarterly?
8. Determine how these buyers buy what you sell. What contracting vehicles do they use? (For example, a GSA contract or a 8(a) sole source award basis.
9. Determine from what companies (i.e., your competition) are they buying now?
10. Find out how much they are buyng from these companies.
11. Determine how often they are buying from these companies.
12. Determine the prices at which they are buying from these companies.
13. Determine if Sawyer & Associates, LLC is able to help my company with these homework assignments?

Sawyer & Associates, LLC can help your company with these homework assignments in two ways. First, Sawyer & Associates expert instruction and consulting services will:
(a) Complete all or any part of these assignments for your company; or (b) Provide your company an instuctional road map for completing the assignments.

Second, Sawyer & Associates, LLC can assist your company transform these completed assignments into a truly solid foundation that will make the federal government your largest customer. This transformation will be based upon proper business planning, the continual gathering, expanding, refining, and validating of customer and competitor intelligence, smart targeted marketing, and relationship building.

Next week I'll will blog about the importance of having a Capability Statement.

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