Friday, April 27, 2012


By Hank Wilfong, Jr.

Back on April 3, 2012, we wrote Issuance NO. 4866: GSA UNVEILED. We do not know exactly what they are drinking, or smoking over at GSA, but things don't bode well for small businesses. We feel very much, that, while attention is diverted elsewhere over the money situation, our small business program is going to pot at GSA. What are the signs?
Lets start off with the fact that the person who is charged with running the small business program, Jiyoung Park, is a non-business person who has absolutely no experienced in managing business.So, how did she get hired to run our program? For political reasons, thats why. She was a must hire.

See, folk in political campaigns who are to receive positions in an Administration are often hired not so much on your professional capabilities, as on your contribution to getting the ticket elected.Everybody does it.Its just that some are more blessed with proven talent than others.The key is for the TOP to attract and insert people who have talent and who can integrate, professionally, with the career folk who run things in government. If the mix does not work, then you've got problems.We have such problems over at GSA.

We're gonna stay away from the Conference Fiasco, Congress has got their big guns trained on that one. But, nobody seems to be watching whats happening to our small business program, and the havoc Jiyoung Park is reeking with it. The latest thing is the straw that breaks the camels back.

The Deputy OSDBU, Thomas Green, is a consummate small business program veteran, with extensive contracting officer experience. Tom Green had a lot to do with the outstanding success at NASA, coordinating with Ralph Thomas, and Dan Goldin. His bona fides is impeccable. Yiyoung Park has relegated Thomas Green to a highly-paid, non supervisory technocrat. She took away his Deputy OSDBU titleand made him a Senior Small Business Technical Advisor. Now, what the "hey" is that?
What she has done is EXPENSIVE and WASTESFUL.And in the end it is DESTRUCTIVE. If it is not corrected, it will destroy our small business program over at GSA.

This foolishness at GSA must be stopped.

Its time to get serious.

Henry T. Wilfong Jr., MBA, CPA, is President of the National Association of Small Disadvantaged Businesses (

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