Monday, March 12, 2012

What Do Women Want? The $1 Million Question

by Akia Garnett, MBA

Recently, I was driving down a seemingly endless two lane highway and noticed a woman motorcycle rider taking a rest. As she began to drive away I noticed how she rode with the wind. She seemed to be enjoying every moment of the experience which brought a smile to my face. I thought about how far women in America have come as I drove to meet with a woman entrepreneur, the owner of Daily Task Takers, LLC, Danielle Hairston. Danielle was completing a business Vision and Mission Mapping™ process with me. We reflected on her business concept, which is an upscale concierge idea with the intent to help other visionaries convert daily intentions into lifetime achievements.
You see, Danielle’s business is not unlike many lifestyle businesses in this era, such as running errands to greeting you at your door with your favorite Starbucks blend. Basically, Daily Task Takers offers a variety of services, but one that really stands out is her Daily Wake Up Call service.
Customization is Key
Danielle has customized her call service to not only wake you up, but to greet you in the morning with what matters to you. You can customize the persona with her and so if you want a morning scripture read to you, a one – minute poem, the sound of a bugle, a pushy personal trainer of a coach screaming in your ear, or perhaps just the gentle voice of a nurturing grandmother, she does it. Danielle, like so many CEOs of lifestyle businesses, has decided that she will focus on visionaries who are pursuing their passions. Sure, there are apps for everything nowadays, including what Danielle is doing, but knowing that a real human is on the other end of the line, who knows enough about why you want to get up on time, why you don’t want to miss a meeting, or your commuter bus, why you need to get to the gym on time, or to have morning devotion, meditation or prayer, is what makes her incredibly unique.
The best part of this story is that as a woman CEO, Danielle has found a service that allows her to be the woman she wants to be, and for her clients, especially women, her services help them as well. The fact that we’re in a free country that allowed and allows her to be the entrepreneur she is should not be easily dismissed.
Connecting the Dots
Earlier this week the Seen and Sustained coauthors were interviewed on blogtalk radio show, A Measure of Truth. The host, Michael Fordham, asked a question regarding our timing on releasing the publication, which was in summary “What has changed in the marketplace?” His question was not unlike the questions that people are asking today regarding the economy, small business, and entrepreneurship. And his question is the same one that has led to the development of unique businesses, such as Danielle’s. My response to Michael was that the market has and will continue to shift toward the consumer as king and in response, consumers will continue to exercise their voice to dictate what, how and by whom they will buy products and services to accommodate the lifestyle they desire. When trying to understand consumers, specifically women, remember that they, “we”, want the same thing as men. We want to receive what we pay for, and we want what we pay for to fix the problem it is intended to fix.
Consumer Buying Behaviors
How women move through the consumer buying process from pre-consumption to consumption, and then post consumption varies based on more than their sex and emotion, but also culture, influence, values, status, and so many other variables. The most important thing to remember when marketing to women is that unlike in the past, when we don’t see what we want then we don’t have to decide on anything. The slightest detection of inauthenticity in voice, tone, positioning, intention, and representation of brand is enough to move women consumers from patron to past prospect.

Contributing Writer, Akia Garnett, MBA
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  1. Forget fancy brands. What a man really wants is a Ford, while women swoon over soft-serve ice cream. That's just one of the insights drawn from 27 billion social media conversations that took place over the past year.

    Famous Women in Business

  2. I agree with you Akia! Authenticity in business, especially when related to the women's market, is key. They also read differently online, and search for information differently online, and therefore we have to write for them differently online. This is something I keep in the forefront of my mind when writing copy for my own programs, or those for my clients, who market to women audiences.

  3. Thank you so much for your comment, Shannon! I could not agree more. Consumer trends consistently show us that the buying process for women is so much different than men. A marketing strategists' greatest asset would be to understand and cater to the preferences of women since most purchasing trends will continue to rise - meaning women will do even more of the buying!