Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Publisher's Page - January/February 2012

Barbara Oliver
Barbara Oliver
The American Contract Compliance Association will mark their 26th Anniversary National Training Institute in Philadelphia later this year. The event is designed to educate a new generation of contract compliance and supplier diversity professionals about their history and to "rekindle the spirit, passion, energy and commitment for economic empowerment."

We sometimes forget that there are more "newbies" to contract compliance and supplier diversity, and less of us veterans who know the history. As one such advocate put it, "Not everyone knows what M/WBE even stands for. These same folk certainly don't understand what it was invented for, [or] the value of it."

This is not to say that these new advocates are not passionate and committed, but many have been thrown into their positions with little understanding of what they are fighting for. It is incumbent on MBE magazine, and those of us that truly understand, to teach the lessons we learned from our struggles. In this case, there is absolute truth in the saying, "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."
The above-mentioned advocate took it upon himself to share some of his wisdom in subsequent postings, which MBE magazine has shared this month on our LinkedIn group page and our blog at http://www.minoritybusiness.blogspot.com/. He references Croson and Adarand, two of the most influential court decisions, affecting contract compliance. MBE magazine reported extensively on these decisions, what they meant, and their likely effects. We will share these on our blog as well as new Google+ site.
If you are a supplier diversity advocate or minority or woman business enterprise in need of a refresher course, I encourage you to visit our social networks and join the conversations going on now. You may be surprised by what you can learn.


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